Karnival Celebration

Coil Vapes

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Karnival Celebration is our top selling seasonal flavor. It's a traditional New Orleans style king cake filled with creamy, custardy goodness covered in icing and sprinkled with sugar. This blend of light cinnamon notes, sweet, delicious pastry, cream, and icing is unlike any other. 

Traditionally when you get the baby in the king cake, it's good luck, and you host the next king cake party. This year if you get a baby with your order of Karnival Celebration you will receive 50% off your next order at www.coilvapes.com. 

But wait it doesn't end there! If you get a gold crown in your order, you will receive an actual king cake shipped to you from New Orleans. 

King Cake babies and gold crowns will randomly start dropping into orders of Karnival Celebration throughout the carnival season. 

Throw me something, mister and Happy Mardi Gras 2019 from all us at Coil Vapes!


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